Kinesio @ the Olympics キネシオテーピング@オリンピック

Kinesio @ the Olympics キネシオテーピング@オリンピック

With this years Beijing Olympics well on its way, Kinesio® couldn't be more excited. With 204 countries participating in this years Summer Games, Kinesio Holding Corporation, as a whole, has donated the now very much so, world-famous, the one and only, KinesioR Tex Tape to over a quarter of these countries attending. Since the games began and with the catch phrase "tattoo or tape", Kinesio Taping has been featured on NBC, MSNBC, Popular Science, national and international media and print publications, as well as national and local TV stations. Mrs. Walsh, if your are listening, I would like to take you and your husband to a nice seafood dinner upon your return!!!

As we all know, the Games are a huge event with tons of media coverage. With the assistance of all our great supporters, we have compiled what we feel is the best that we have seen thus far below. Keep checking back with us as new coverage is added on a daily basis.


Tiger Wears Red on Sunday, but Kerri Walsh Wears Black for Gold.

Congratulations to Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor on winning this years GOLD medal in Women's Beach Volleyball and becoming the first women to win back-to-back gold medals in beach volleyball history.

We at Kinesio wish you both continued success as you continue your unparalleled streak and would like to thank you for the amazing ride your success has given us thus far.

Women's Beach Volleyball

To see even more photos of USA's Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor, as well as stories about their success click on the below links.,0,,2&pg=19

Track & Field 陸上競技
Men's Basketball 男子バスケットボール

Two members of the Spain Men's Basketball team celebrate together. Notice the black tape on the right shoulder of the person on the left.

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スペインの男子バスケットボールの2人選手が、お互いに祝い合ってる様子です。 左側の選手の右肩に注目!!黒のテープが使用されています。

Women's Water Polo

Below you will find a variety of personal photos taken by one of our own, Ted Forcum. Forcum is a CKTP (Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner) and is the '08 US Olympic Team Chiropractor. He was nice enough to forward some photos he took while in Beijing, China of Lauren Wenger, USA Women's Water Polo player. Lauren is also working with one of the many Athletic Trainers at the Olympics, Karen Bloch, ATC.

Mr.ForcumはCKTP(キネシオテーピング協会公認 キネシオテーピング療法士)で、2008年USAオリンピックチームのカイロプラクターでもあります。 下記、写真は彼がUSA女子水泳選手のテーピング姿を撮ったものです。

Other Event Coverage

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